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Will Swinney - Know Your True Identity!

"If you live for other people's approval, you will die from their rejection."

This is a quote from Will Swinney's video above. Will is currently a sophomore wide receiver at Clemson University.

Will reminds us that the world asks us to build a life upon the approval of others - to continuously strive for success in others eyes. However, if we put all of our identity into what other people think about us, our life will be a series of ups and downs. It is an ever-changing world, and placing our identity into a shifting foundation of others opinions leads to pain.

Will was recently inspired by John 1:12.

This verse is one of Will's go-to verses in how he defines his identity - in Christ.

God never changes, and He gives us the gift of communion with Him. He gives us the "right to become CHILDREN OF GOD!" This is a solid foundation.

Will inspires and challenges us to put our identity into who we are in Christ - son's and daughters of the King!

Thanks for the inspiration Will!

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