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Where's your Identity? Megan Beidelman

Today's inspiration comes from Megan Beidelman, former basketball/softball player from MVNU, as she shares a part of her life story for us.

Megan can relate to the curveballs life throws our way. In an instant, her athletic career, her whole identity, was put on hold due to a personal injury.

In an instant, everything we know and we love can be put on hold, or taken away, also.

She reminds us that while her identity had been placed in her athletic career, her injuries acted as a blessing in disguise which allowed her to rebuild a foundation of having faith.

Thank you for sharing this transformational story, Megan!

Next up, you’ll hear from Chris Spielman, former Ohio State Buckeye and former NFL linebacker for the Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, and Cleveland Browns as he encourages us to be on our guard when we face trials and always have courage.

Keep fighting the good fight all!

- The inTeam

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