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Urban Meyer & JD Bergman - In times of trouble, connect with those you love and who truly love y

Updated: Feb 4

Urban Meyer and JD Bergman got together and were discussing how they have dealt with tough times in life.

In light of recent events in El Paso and Dayton, this is so prevalent.

There are people hurting in ways that many of us will never experience or know.

Urban tells his first reaction is to "go and hug your family." Tell them you love them. Connect with the people that mean the most.

Then to face down the constant negativity of today's world, and the challenges that come with it, surround yourself with positive people.

Surround yourself with those that are like-minded that want to impact the world positively. It's hard to do, but don't settle.

Believe what your Creator has said about you.

Thank you Urban and JD for being an #inspiration! Keep it up.

- the inTeam (the INSPIRATION TEAM!)

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