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Setting Goals to make an impact - Jay Richardson

Jay Richardson always knew that he wanted to do something to impact others. But he didn't know what that was until a trusted adviser and coach sat him down and urged him that he had to make the most of what he had been given.

A former NFL defensive end and linebacker, Jay currently is the founder of the Jay Richardson Foundation.. This organization is a non-profit that focuses on the long-term success of our adolescent youth. With a resounding motto to “breathe life into Team FAMILY”, their unique approach shifts the emphasis from our youth as individuals to a holistic, familial responsibility.

His journey to this started with a sit-down conversation with Jim Tressel. When Jay was a sophomore with The Ohio State University, he admits he didn't have a focus or goals in life. Coach Tressel sat him down, helped him believe that he could become an NFL player, and set a course of goals to get there. This journey has led to him having the impact he so desired outside of football.

Jay - thank you for the impact you have! Thank you for working to not just set goals, but to achieve them. Thank you for giving back with inspiration.

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