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Overcome and be a blessing - Brent Rastetter

Brent Rastetter is currently the head wrestling coach at Otterbein University. Throughout his long career and walk with God, he has faced numerous trials.

In his video, he tells us a bit about his background, some of the challenges he has faced, and what God has taught him through the process. When he was 29 he was faced with two things that seemed insurmountable - his own cancer diagnosis and his son's severe disability.

Through these things, Coach Brent has become a better man and coach. He inspires us not to dwell on the wins and losses, instead focus on the learning and lessons you can take from every obstacle, and then give that back to others. Teaching life lessons and being a light to those that need it has become a part of how he coaches.

He reminds us that in our darkest times, the Lord allows us to come away with things that are far more valuable than the pain we go through.

Fellow wrestler and coach Richard Perry shares his perspective on trials here.

Thanks for the inspiration Coach! God bless!

- the inTeam

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