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Mastering the three foot rule - Riley Ross

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Riley Ross is a father of four. He sees this as a privilege and a responsibility, and believes the best way to be a father is to understand God's perspective on it.

He challenges himself to examine the qualities and characteristics of God as a Father, and to incorporate these into his own life.

One of the things he has found is that God is a great Father and gives good gifts. One of the greatest gifts you He gives is quality time. Riley strives to master that in his own life with what he calls the "Three Foot Rule."

God "bends his ear" to listen when we pray. We must bend our ear and give our time to engage those that need us. We must sacrifice our time for them as our Father does for us.

Riley reminds us to engage often at a deep level with those that need us.

Thanks for the awesome rule of thumb and reminder Riley!

God bless all!


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