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The inspirational Kelly Clark - Living with purpose

"Hey, my name is Kelly. I think you might be a Christian, and I think you might need to tell me about God.

That's how Kelly Clark, one of the top snowboarders in history, tells how she asked a question that changed her life.

On top of her sport, but disillusioned by life, Kelly found herself searching for more as a young athlete. What she found was purpose, God, and a salvation that will never leave. She turned that purpose into inspiration - inspiration to continue in snowboarding, to minister and build relationships, and bring joy to her sport every day.

That purpose and inspiration has helped bring her to every Olympic games since 2002. She is in an elite group of athletes as a 5-time Olympian! An amazing performance in this year's Olympics gave her a 4th place performance, one of 3 American teammates in the top 4.

She is committed to being a friend, a teammate, and building into others lives. She says, "My ministry is loving the people that I'm around every day. It's loving the snowboard culture. That's what I try and pursue, it's those relationships. Because people don't care what you know until they know that you care."

Check out her inspirational video below, done by www.purposefilm.com.

FCA Magazine recently did an amazing article on Kelly as well - bringing her story to thousands of youth impacted by the FCA.

It's definitely worth a read! Check it out here

Kelly - THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION!!!! KEEP IT UP! Your walk with the Lord is an awesome reminder to all of us. Your commitment to impacting the lives of others around you with love is amazing. Your story has certainly impacted us.

(Photo courtesy of @thekellyclark Twitter account)

God bless!

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