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Jon and Judah Jakubowski - Do you move towards your enemies in love & confidence?

FIGHT OR FLIGHT...is that the only way to deal with an enemy or foe when you're backed up against the wall? Do we need to scream, shout, threaten, & degrade? Do we need to run away or hide?

Jon Jakubowski and his son Judah remind us that there is a different way altogether.

There is the way of God. He could have chosen to see us all as enemies that disobeyed. Rather, he gave us Christ. He loved us. He gave us the opportunity to come into a relationship with him...at a great cost.

So fight or flight is not the only way. There is the way of love. We can confidently move towards our enemies in love because of what Christ did for us.

Thank you Jon and Judah for sharing your message with us. Judah - Thanks for being courageous, sharing love, and being a great example for your friends on the playground. Keep it up bud!

God Bless,

the inTeam


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