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J'Den Cox - Beauty in Imperfection

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

J'Den Cox is a world and US champion, as well as an Olympic medalist in wrestling. He needs to focus on perfecting his craft every day to stay at the peak of his profession. But he comes to us today touting the beauty of imperfection.

None of us is perfect except the Lord. Yet, the Lord loves us despite our imperfections, and even because of them. Sometimes they point out greater meaning, and give us a moment to pause and revel in why God made us the way he did.

We're shown this in the Bible from Paul the Apostle. He described a "thorn in his flesh" that he pleads with God to take away. Yet, the Lord responds that His grace is sufficient for him, that Paul is made perfect in his weakness.

(See 2 Corinthians 12)

Remember, GOD chose YOU to be the ones to receive His love and His grace, despite all of your imperfections. He chose YOU to be an heir in His kingdom. He made YOU to shine bright in who you are, to reflect the beauty and goodness of the Lord.

YOU are loved.

Thank you all for being YOU.

Thank you J'Den for being you. Thank you for sharing your perspective and your story.

God bless.

- The inTeam

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