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Athlete Update - inTeam

What's up guys?!?

JD Bergman here. I wanted to give all of you athletes that have shown support and love for inTeam an update about all the awesome stuff happening. Check out the quick video below.

THANK YOU for all of the video support we've gotten already! The outpouring has been awesome, and we're starting to share inspiration with the world. The Lord is working through this BIG TIME. Check out the new website - www.inteamnow.com that has sample videos up!

If you're up for making another video, READ BELOW... we have several new ways to share them.

Go to this link and upload your newest message of inspiration for today's youth - http://inteam.staging.switchboxdev.com/submissions/new


If you are on Android and Google pictures, simply SHARE your video with paul@inteamnow.com or jd@inteamnow.com.


Email us the videos to team@inteamnow.com.

ALSO - we would LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK. What do you like? What do you want to see more of? What would you like us to change?

Just shoot me an email or text, and we'll connect on it.

God bless!


JD Bergman

Founder, inTeam


JD Bergman Image - inTeam

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