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inTeam is here!

“Hey guys, let’s create a calendar that has daily inspirational quotes for kids from athletes.”

JD Bergman was approached with this task in late 2016 from Rye D’Orazio of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Columbus, OH. Like everything in life, JD jumped into it enthusiastically.

From that simple conversation, the idea of inTeam was born. inTeam, short for Inspiration Team, is at work to develop a digital platform that delivers REAL, AUTHENTIC, VIDEOS from athletes and coaches to inspire the youth of today. They are working to impact millions of youth with messages of hope, truth, and love from people they admire.

JD grew up in Oak Harbor, OH. As a two-time state champion in wrestling, he had the pick of a number of schools to attend. Wanting to follow his dream of being a Buckeye he enrolled at The Ohio State University.

eday play in the Horseshoe, after high school JD enrolled in Ohio State

At OSU, JD was a four-time NCAA qualifier and three-time NCAA placer, including a second-place finish in 2008. He also walked onto the Buckeye football team, practicing with the team his freshman year as a punter, and fulfilling his dream of playing in The Shoe. (See more on that story here!)

JD took a stellar wrestling career at OSU and transitioned that to an international wrestling career for Team USA. He was on seven USA World teams in his career - in all he had 10 USA Wrestling national titles.

In 2016, JD was working with Rye D’Orazio on how to bring inspiration to kids through the FCA. The calendar idea was brought up, and JD jumped in. It quickly turned a corner though as the team realized that the true medium kids today were looking at was their cell phone, and that a calendar couldn’t bring the 24x7 impact they were after.

From that, The inTeam was born.

The inTeam is a group of committed individuals who are gathering short words of video inspiration from athletes and coaches to inspire a generation of youth and millennials.

These videos will be brought to everyone via the inTeam website, social media, and through inTeamNow - a proprietary inTeam app that is currently in development.

“We’re starting with athletes and coaches,” Bergman states, “because they are looked up to in society and there are many of them that are looking for opportunities to share their inspiration and faith on a safe platform. No haters, no trolls, no girls in thongs...we’re keeping it all positive and inspirational!”

Paul Fuller, currently working with The inTeam, is excited about the progress.

“We have so many athletes and coaches sharing their words of inspiration with the world. I have three young ones, and for them to have a safe place to go on my phone and the internet to see the people they look up to sharing inspiration, it’s a huge win” shares Fuller.

Says Rye D’Orazio, “JD has really brought life into this idea! We’re onto a way to share truth in the medium that kids want to consume it...on their phones, with short videos from people they admire. It’s a home run, and works so well with everything FCA is trying to do here in Columbus and the world!”

Steve Bell, an accomplished technology analyst and executive, and current inTeamer, loves the potential of the app once it is released. “It truly has the ability to impact millions of lives,” Steve shares. “From starting with sharing videos, to moving onto the plan of becoming a safe social media platform for our youth, the vision can impact the world!”

Videos shared are from all athletes and coaches that want to help inspire others. They are not limited to famous athletes, but all are able to submit videos. Videos are then screened prior to being released on the site to ensure there is no way that unsafe content can appear.

“We want to make it truly safe for all, and to empower people to share Real, Authentic, Videos,” says Bergman. “We want to connect people that aren’t ready for a preacher, but will look up to an athlete. We want them to view this, get into conversation about it, and share the truth and inspiration that the world desperately needs today!”

For more information, visit us at inteamnow.com

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