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He is not a part of my life, He IS my life.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Joel Penton had a chance to share with us his perspective on how his faith "fit in" with his life. He gave an amazing answer.

A former Ohio State Buckeye football star, a current successful motivational speaker, author, and founder of an innovative non-profit, Joel has every reason from the world to count himself as the center of something big.

Instead, Joel makes what many in the world would consider a surprising statement. "My faith and relationship with Christ is not something that I fit into my life," he says. "It is my ENTIRE life, everything else fits in with that... When I came to understand what Jesus did for me, my life truly changed."

Thank you for your perspective and insight into your journey Joel! Your walk of faith is an inspiration to so many.

God bless.

- the inTeam

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