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Facing Injustice??? Walk in the Spirit.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Tim, from Columbus SWAT, met up with JD Bergman and discussed how challenging it is to face violent crimes on a regular basis and not be consumed by anger at the injustice around us.

Tim shares that by allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us can we then look at others with compassion. It is all too easy for our flesh to react to the violence and trauma that is so prevalent in our world.

But thankfully we have the incredible example of Jesus to guide us. By allowing God's spirit to work, we can move towards others with patience and compassion, attempting to understand their situation. Jesus's example of loving others can help us change our perspective.

Galatians 5:16 teaches us what Tim is talking about. If we walk by the spirit and with Christ we don't have to act in the anger and malice that we may feel that the world brings to bear.

Thank you Tim for sharing this with us. We appreciate your service to our community.

God Bless and stay safe. --the inTeam

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