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Don't be afraid to challenge yourself Spiritually, Physically, & Mentally to grow. Chris Spielman

Chris Spielman gives a heartfelt message to all of us. It is reminder of hope, growth, faith and truth.

He reminds us simply..."Don't be afraid to challenge yourself spiritually, physically, and mentally to grow day by day."

He breaks this down pretty simply.

It doesn't need to be huge steps, it is the continual ones. It is small commitments.

It is opening up to prayer. It is taking that first walk. It is reading that first book, memorizing that first verse, or studying that first new topic that you're interested in. It is the faith that these steps in succession will continue to build us in our walk with God.

He reminds us as followers of Christ that it is our job to expose our faith to the world, not to impose it.

He believes we should challenge ourselves in these areas of our walk - spiritually, physically, and mentally - and walk with Christ as we grow. By doing so in faith and love, we can be ready to share the hope and joy we have in Christ.

Thanks Chris for sharing, and putting yourself out there to be an inspiration!

God bless all. Be blessed, and go be a blessing.

Be inspired, and go be an inspiration!

- the inTeam.


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