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Olympic sized faith - David Wise

The Winter Olympics are upon us, and as we watch these amazing athletes around the world, we can be inspired and know that for many of them their faith in God is a major factor in their lives.

One such athlete is David Wise, 2014 gold medalist in freestyle skiing, and 2018 competitor.

David is a faithful father, husband, and church group leader. At a young age, he knows the impact that faith has for him.

"Faith plays a huge role because it enables me to be confident, I don't have to worry about what's happening or the outside influences as much because I feel like I can trust God, and he's going to see me through. I can look back on my path and realize that God had a pretty significant part in taking care of me. It takes the pressure off and I can enjoy it."


David stated in one interview, "In my opinion, either your faith is part of your entire life or you shouldn’t have one at all. My faith plays a pretty significant role in who I am as a person. But also I think my faith makes me a better competitor, and better at what I do. People often ask me about the risks I take. They’ll ask, “how do you go out there and do what you do?” The answer, for me, is that I trust that God knows what He is doing with my life in the grand scheme of things. When I look back at different times throughout my life, it’s clear that God has taken care of me in some pretty amazing ways. I know that whatever happens to me is not outside the control of a God that faithfully cares for my family and I. The fact that God is in control over my life and my family’s life, takes pressure off of me. It makes it easier for me to go out there and enjoy the ride."


David walks his talk. He and his sisters have started a foundation, and he issued the following challenge on the One Leg Up On Life website -

"Every time I am on the podium, I will personally be donating 10% of my contest winnings, along with 10% of my sponsorship payouts to One Leg Up On Life. And I challenge you to give generously with me! So that when I stand, kids around the world can stand on new prosthetics." - David Wise, Olympic Gold Medalist, Three-Time X Games Gold Medalist (and Christy's brother!) ​ #podiumchallenge #roadtopyeongchang

Congrats David on your walk. Keep it up! We'll all be pulling for you.

-Paul Fuller



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