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Courageous Conversations on Heaven and Hell - Dr. Duke Heller & JD Bergman

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Dr. Alfred “Duke” Heller is a special man. It’s not because of his long and distinguished career. It’s not because of the many awards that he has won. It’s not because of the books he has written.

It is because he is beautifully and wonderfully made by God, and he has been given a heart and the gifts to share that we are ALL able to make the choice to be in eternity with Christ forever.

Duke is a master at starting “Kingdom Conversations.” JD and Duke talk about the urgency of starting kingdom conversations, about Heaven and Hell, and how we can all strike up a conversation that brings eternal life with God to a friend, neighbor, or stranger.

Thank you Duke for your leadership, your heart, and for helping to lead so many to Christ.

You are a true INSPIRATION!

God bless.

The inTeam


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