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What have you been given to do? Ben Watson - an inspiration!

Recently the FCA Magazine did a story on Benjamin Watson - NFL player, author of Under Our Skin: Getting Real about Race — And Getting Free from the Fears and Frustrations That Divide Us, and leader in his church.

Watson is an amazing athlete - playing 13 NFL seasons for four different teams, and scoring 41 touchdowns - making him one of the most consistent tight ends for almost a decade and a half.

Ben Watson

He is also a true inspiration!

Watson has always tried to be faithful, and his beliefs shone through to the world at a moment they were needed. One November 25, 2014, he posted a response on Facebook the day after a grand jury near Ferguson, MO, didn't bring charges against a white police offer who had shot and killed an 18-year-old black man. His emotions were charged in the post, but it came after careful thought and crafting. The message was powerful and ultimately HOPEFUL - framing what he had witnessed in Ferguson as "not a SKIN problem, but a SIN problem."

That post was a big moment for Ben - being shared more than 468,000 times with people on Facebook, and leading to the opportunity for him to author his book on the topic. However, it was just a moment for him in his walk with God. He continues to be faithful, to be obedient, and work for the Lord. His goal is to share inspiration and truth that God gives.

Says Watson, "The Gospel gives all mankind hope. When we look at all the things going on in our world, the Gospel is the ultimate equalizer... Our job is to be ambassadors for Christ, you never know what God is going to do with our obedience."

This video on his website gives a lot of Ben's story...it's DEFINITELY worth a watch.

Thank you Ben for being faithful! Thanks for the continued walk with the Lord and for inspiring us all!

God bless,

The inTeam.

Paul Fuller




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