• JD Bergman

Athletes in Action - Great Lakes - Help inspire the world with inTeam!

Great Lakes areas Athletes in Action! What's up?!?

I'm JD Bergman, former Team USA Wrestler and founder of inTeam. I heard you just had an awesome retreat in early February.

I was actually saved in 2006 at that weekend in Xenia, OH. I have so many awesome memories there, and the Lord has changed my life so much since then.

I recently started inTeam, and we're working with Athletes and Coaches all over the world to bring inspiration to youth today. I put together a quick video for you below with an explanation...check it out.

The site I was telling you about in the video is https://www.inteamnow.com. Check it out for a sampling of the videos we're bringing.

You can also upload your inTeam videos (yes videos...upload as many as you'd like!) on the site. The specific link is - http://inteam.staging.switchboxdev.com/submissions/new. This takes you to our beta version of the app where video collection takes place.

If you don't want to upload that way, you can also...

We have a prayer team in place as well. If you want to request prayers for anything, simply send us an email at team@inteamnow.com.

Lastly, if you want to receive inspirational videos from inTeam, please sign up with us at www.inteamnow.com, OR TEXT the word INTEAM to 66866.

Thanks so much for spending the time with us.

God bless!


JD Bergman

Founder, inTeam


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