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A Community Inspired - THANKS!

It's been a whirlwind lately. A very good whirlwind.

In preparing for the inTeam 2018 Inspiration Award ceremony for Kyle Snyder that we recently held, I witnessed a true community at work.

One definition of community (supplied by a thorough Google search) is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

I tend to define it as people that can come together with one heart and purpose.

That was what we witnessed the other day. I've put a full list of all of our sponsors and partners below. Everyone contributed so much to the event. THANK YOU!

I wanted to call out a few in the media that really put the word out in a massive way to notify the public and engage people.

97.1 the Fan

97.1 The Fan... Thank you for having giving us the air time to promote the event, both through guest appearances and advertising. Thanks for showing up to back us as well! James Lauranitis, Bobby Carpenter, Anthony Schlegel and more...thanks for coming out to represent and help inTeam!

ABC6, Fox28 and Clay Hall... Thanks for covering the event and getting the news out there. We heard from a lot of people they enjoyed the story and they were appreciative of the positive news.

104.9 The River

104.9 The River, thanks for inviting us into the community and sending the invite out to the email list.

From all of us at inTeam, from all that got to attend because they heard from you, THANK YOU!

Check out the video of Kyle below from the event. It's a cool overview of inTeam and how he is looking to impact the world through it!

- the inTeam

Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners!!!

inteam partners

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