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A Champion in Action - Jon Jakubowski


We had the honor of watching this video and couldn't wait to share it with you all! Jon Jakubowski is an awesome story of following God, and pursuing your dreams to the fullest. Check out the video and blog below...

Jon discusses Psalms 37:4, and how it is so important to delight ourselves in the Lord.

Prior to his senior year in high school, Jon took a mission trip to Guatemala. On this trip, he started to understand where God was pointing him, and this helped him have the courage and conviction to follow his dream of playing Division I football. As he says it, "I didn't have a chance...I wasn't strong enough, or good enough..." until he started trusting the Lord and seeing the work and time he needed to commit.

After graduating high school, he fulfilled a dream by joining the Bowling Green Falcons as a football player for Coach Urban Meyer. He went from a walk-on to a scholarship player - buoyed by his faith and strength.

He then went on to found an amazing organization - Champions in Action. I urge you to check it out here!

Champions in Action

God bless inTeam!

Keep fighting the good fight, until the whole world hears!

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