• Paul Fuller

God's fans - Super Bowl Champs


That was an amazing game! Sports fans the world over - myself included - watched the Eagles upset the Patriots in Super Bowl LII last weekend.

The game was intense - one of the best Super Bowls in history.

And yet - I was more blown away by the articles and videos I saw afterward. It was truly inspiring!

I saw players and coaches coming together and professing the glory of God. Nick Foles - just crowned Super Bowl MVP - uttered these words, "All the glory goes to GOD."

Nick, thank you! Thank you Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, Torrey Smith, Chris Maragos, Zach Ertz, Trey Burton, and all of the other Eagles that have not only stood up for their faith, but been an inspiration and shining example for athletes, coaches, and the world!

I'd recommend this article for you - it's an awesome read, with some great video testimony from the team.

Eagles - congrats on the win! Even bigger props and congrats for sharing. Thank you!

Eagles praying - an inspiring team!

Keep it up inTeam!

Keep fighting the good fight...until the whole world hears!

- Paul

Paul Fuller



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