• Paul Fuller


STOP the GO.

Feel the buzz in your pocket. It’s another text. The vibration on your watch. Another like. The phone rings. An email preview pops up on your computer. The TV is blaring while Alexa is playing your favorite song.

“Hold on a minute mom!” you yell. “I just have to finish up this last thing on MineCraft.”

Snap - your buddy sends you a pic, they are all hanging out at the coffee shop down the street...all on their phones as usual. Another buzz. Another like. Another email. A quick video on YouTube of a cat snorting spaghetti up its nose. Another buzz. Another like. Another buzz.




Realize for a moment the addiction that you’re trapped in. You are always consuming, reacting, and posting. You are always on the GO; and one thing about always being on the GO, you will wear out.

We’re seeing it earlier and earlier. We’re seeing depression and anxiety hit kids...all the time. You have pressures in life that are working together to keep you on the GO...always connected to the world, to advertising, to consumption, glued to your phone and your screen.

You can choose that path, but know this...you will wear out. We’re not designed to be connected only to the world. We’re not designed for immediate gratification all the time.

That’s why we’re working to give you a place that will help you find encouragement in the midst of the pressure to GO.

We’re bringing short inspirational videos from athletes and coaches to your phone. We’re doing this in the hope that you take them in, and stop and think about them. Use them, share them with your friends, have actual conversations about them. Watch one or two, and put the phone down and talk about them.

There is only one true rest. That rest is in the truth and in God. We hope that our way of sharing this with you makes and impact.

Ignore the buzz on your watch. Who cares about a “like” on your post? Put down the video game. Turn down the music. Watch a short video from inTeam - a video of hope, truth, and inspiration from someone who is an athlete or coach.

Then share the truth. Talk with someone about it. Think about it. Let your mind rest in the encouragement it gives, and actually think about the message it is bringing you. You can disagree with it...we just hope you think about it.

inCourage. inFaith. inHope. inTeam.

God bless all!


Paul Fuller



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