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Turn the Radio UP! Bergman on SOLID STEPS RADIO

What's up inTeam!

Check out this interview with JD Bergman, inTeam founder and Team USA Wrestler with the guys at Solid Steps Radio!

JD joins hosts Chad Russell and Kurt Sauder to help us put some "tools in the toolbox" to live in this world for God.

They talk through everything from JD's background to how we can can help make an impact in this world every day that we walk the earth.

They run the gamut from wrestling stories, to family background, to JD's salvation when he was 21, to where he is now. Check out the interview below!

JD Bergman Solid Steps Radio

God is doing some awesome work through JD and the inTeam, and the partnerships that are developing are fantastic. We were so excited to be a part of the radio program, and are looking forward to more conversations with Kurt and Chad!

Kurt Sauder and Chad Russell

JD Bergman Solid Steps Radio

Nice work team!

Keep fighting the good fight...until the whole world hears!


Paul Fuller



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