Video Use Agreement & Ownership Transfer

I acknowledge that I am authorized to give this video freely to inTeam and affiliate companies.  (the combined can also be referred to as inTeam.)  inTeam is currently operating as an arm of the Central Ohio Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

I acknowledge this video is a donation of content to inTeam.

inTeam agrees to use the video only for edifying purposes.  We will use the measures that we best are able to ensure video content is not compromised or used in any form that could be construed as detrimental to the provider.  By giving this video you acknowledge that inTeam will be publishing the video to the public via numerous channels, and by doing so, there is a risk that the video will be used for purposes other than the edifying and inspirational purposes that are intended.  By uploading your video you accept that risk and the damages that may come from it.

By uploading, you acknowledge this video may be used freely by inTeam to publish for the use of inspiration.  This includes the publication on the website (, the publication on YouTube, the publication on Vimeo, and the publication on the proprietary inTeam  app.

inTeam also reserves the right to publish on other social media platforms for the use of inspiration.

If you request by sending an email to, inTeam will remove your video from our website, application, and social media sharing platforms.  You must request this in writing to the email address.  

inTeam requires a minimum of 10 business days be given to inTeam to remove video content.

By submitting your video, you agree to hold inTeam and all of the proprietors and board members of the organizations harmless from any and all damages that may occur through the use of this video. 

By uploading, you acknowledge that inTeam has the right to change this video use agreement and ownership transfer from time to time.  If you have provided inTeam with your correct email address, you will be notified of this change and you may request to have your video removed from the platform should you not agree with the change.   inTeam requires a minimum of 10 business days to remove the video.

inTeam Video Agreement - v6.11.2019