We're in a battle for hearts and minds of a generation!
  • Hospital admissions for suicidal teens has DOUBLED over 10 years

  • 62% of college students dealing with chronic anxiety

  • 3.1 MILLION kids ages 12-17 reported major depression

  • Every 100 minutes a teen takes their own life

  • All of us have dealt with ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, OR BULLYING at some point.
  • Someone NEEDS to hear YOUR words of wisdom, story, or favorite verse that could help a youth or millennial that is dealing with this.
  • Make a short video of inspiration or encouragement and upload here.  They are being shared and are making a DIFFERENCE!
  • To see some examples of other videos made, click here.  Athletes and coaches from all over the United States are contributing to help.  YOU CAN TOO!
  • To get short instructions for how to make a video, click here.
  • Not comfortable sharing a video?  Share a favorite verse.

Questions?  Simply e-mail us at team@inteamnow.com

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